The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the second biggest country of African continent and the eleventh in the world. With the area over 2 300 000 square kilometers it is almost twice as large as whole Western Europe.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo holds some of the world’s largest deposits of copper ore (ten percents of global reserves), cobalt (fifty percents of global reserves), coltan (eighty percents of global reserves), tin, iron, as well as significant reserves of gold and diamonds.

Taking under consideration the undeniable wealth of natural resources of the country and relatively recent interest in them, Democratic Republic of the Congo is a challenging place for every mining investor.

Burchard Moskała Spółka Partnerska Adwokatów is a specialist law firm providing comprehensive legal assistance in the registation and installation legal entities incorporated pursuant to Congolese law on the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our experience, including those relating to the registration of the mining sector entities involved in exploitation minerals, especially gold, cassiterite and coltan, as well as awareness of local legal and economical determinants allow us not only to propose solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients, but primarily proven and effective.

We provide extensive support including registration of business enterprise in the optimal legal form on the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, advice relating to the acquisition of mining areas, as well as obtaining the required permits related to the exploration, exploitation, purchase, sale and export of minerals, along with legal assistance for participation in international organizations of ethical trade of minerals.

We are pleased to admit cooperation with investors from Germany, Russia and Israel.

We act for the development of the Democratic Republic of Congo through the means of pro publico bono activity and we are proud to contribute to the noble goal of charity and help for the countries of African continent.